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no matter what sport, skill level, or age pricetnsp will improve your overall Performance.

Price Top Notch Sports Performance coaches has successfully trained over 500 athletes ranging from 6 years of age to the professional level such as Colin Kaepernick, Matt Carpenter, Ricardo Clark, Howard Thompkins and many more. Our coaches are continuously looking for innovative ways to train their athletes that are safe and scientifically proven to improve overall ability. PriceTNSP includes the use of bungee cords, lateral resistors, half-breed vertical resistors, harnesses and much more.


Georgia Volleyball Star Sara Porter takes States


Gary Price 

Gary Price is from VA where he became AFPA certified to both personal train and athletic train. He is a former graduate...

Price Top Notch Sports Performance


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Six Lee College Players Sign D-1 (Basketball and Volleyball)


Congratulations to Sara Porter of Atlanta, Georgia team Holy Innocents High School for becoming 2013 State Champs! 


Adam Ward Signs to Arkansas State University and TB Signs to Memphis University.